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Featured Project – Lanitis Aristophanous

Lanitis Aristophanous is renovating and expanding their showroom at Limassol area. Once more KNC was responsible to design and install the appropriate lighting for a retail project. We have used Occhio and Prolicht architectural lighting as well as Philips Dynalite for the lighting control & energy management of the showroom.

Our reccomendation for the specific two level showroom was to used more than 48 Sign Round & Super Sign Round Trimless Fluorescenes fittings from Prolicht all with DALI digital ballast in order to be dimmable, more than 120 Matrix Small Trimless Halogen and 9 Matrix Big Trimless Metal Halide fittings from Prolicht as well as more than 37 Piu Alto LED Surface Spotlights all with DALI digital ballast from Occhio.

The idea was to have the ability to control the levels (from 0% to 100%) of each from the 85 fluorescent and LED fittings to be controlled individually using the DALI Digital Protocol. Philips Dynalite will be responsible to adjust the levels of the fittings using the 11 DUS804C Multipurpose Sensors by using the daylight harvesting and occupancy events. With this solution will not have energy waste for the showroom as well as will increase the lamp life of all fittings.

Employees will be able to control the lighting and the music of each area by using an Apple iPad device wireless, or a Philips Dynalite Remote Control. Our technical department will have the ability to connect remotely in order to check for problems or make any customizations that the customer may have.

Lanitis Aristophanous Showroom will be ready by the end of January.




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