Products - KNC Advanced Automation
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“We have selected international premium brands in order to provide the best solution for an automated system”


  1. Dynalite [Australia]

    Philips Dynalite designs and manufactures technology solutions for lighting control, building automation & energy management – energy saving applications. The solution for a wide range of smart home, energy management & architectural lighting control applications.


  1. Efergy [England]

    Efergy is a global manufacturer of energy saving products. Efergy means “efficient energy” and their goal is to help you to reduce your energy use, save money and save the environment with the use of wireless electricity monitors and other energy saving products.

Your Light

  1. Prolicht [Austria]

    Prolicht is the source of power, energy and growth. Each product demands movement, an aim to be worked out together. Prolicht product ranges in different areas of the lighting industry. A core competence of Prolicht is certainly the production of Trimless light fixtures.
  1. Occhio [Germany]

    Occhio is one of the most successful lighting products to emerge in recent years and thanks to its comprehensive, modular lighting system it now has a unique position in the lighting industry. The multifunctionality is that the right light source is available for each application.

Your Sound

  1. Novasonar [Germany]

    The Novasonar system directly converts walls, ceilings or furniture into sound bodies. Place maximum sound quality invisibly, wherever you want. The Novasonar system by ML Audio brings technology and design together like no other architectural component.
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