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Efergy [England]

efergy is a global manufacturer of energy saving products. Our name means “efficient energy” and our goal is to help you to reduce your energy use, save money and save the environment. Our wireless electricity monitors and other energy saving products help you to understand how much energy you use and to save money on your energy bills. We aim to be the leading manufacturer of energy saving products in the world. We state that efergy was conceived in 2005 and are proud of how far we have come in just 6 years.

Through smart meters consumers will be given the information they need to fully understand and manage their energy consumption effectively, save money and reduce carbon emissions. Smart meters are also key to enabling smarter grids that permit more active management of the networks to support increased levels of renewable generation. At efergy we have several ongoing smart meter projects with some of the world’s top utilities in this field. We are focused towards the smart metering revolution by providing PLC gateways and Zigbee enabled monitors that help smart meters get a better visibility of the energy information.

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