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Lighting control plays a strategic role in the operation of a modern office environment. It ensures that the visual performance of the lighting equipment is appropriate to the needs of the occupants, while simultaneously conserving energy. By day, illumination levels can be maintained dynamically, both to comply with relevant lighting and energy codes and to ensure optimum worker performance.

After hours, the control is more aggressive toward energy conservation, but still accommodates the needs of maintenance and security staff and late night workers. It is no longer socially acceptable or commercially astute to burn all of the lighting throughout the day and for half the night, yet a feeling of personal security and well being must be protected.

Workstations co-exist with traditional enclosed offices in many buildings. Appropriate strategies for the lighting controls must be determined according to the specific needs of each application. The workstations typically share an array of fluorescents overhead while corridors, lobbies, meeting rooms and amenities can have a variety of local lighting types and technologies.




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