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A flexible control system is an essential part of the lighting. Lecture theatres need to accommodate a wide range of uses and as a result, the demands on the lighting control system in this type of application are surprisingly complex. The control system must maintain the most comfortable lighting levels for a wide range of tasks, adapt to a number of room combinations, provide for safe egress in case of an emergency, interface with other systems such as AV and BMS and of course, maintain the aesthetics of the room and present the best possible appearance at all times.

Users often leave lights on when vacating the space, so it is desirable for the control system to turn off lighting when the room is unoccupied. In a university or similar environment, there is often a BMS responsible for access control and HVAC. To optimise running cost and reduce energy consumption, the lighting control system should notify the BMS if the room is not in use and the airconditioning not required.




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