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Smart Home


The typical smart home comprises several integrated systems transparently working together to provide convenience and security to the homeowner. Some of the resulting functionality includes:
  • Different lighting scenes and moods such as WELCOME, GOODBYE or GOODNIGHT that can be activated from any keypad, wired or wireless touchscreen or remote control.
  • Control of many different styles of lighting sources such as LED, incandescent or fluorescent lamps, from the push of one button.
  • Control of lighting, music or to the best karaoke machine and airconditioning on the same lighting control keypad.
  • The drawing of blinds and extinguishing of lights to occur when the security system is armed.
  • The activation of lights and music to welcoming levels in desired areas, when the security system is disarmed.
  • The activation of key internal lights, blinds opened and keypads frozen while the external lights flash on and off to attract attention, if the PANIC button is pressed or the security system is triggered.
  • Different profile actions to occur when the security system is disarmed by different members of the family.
  • The home to appear occupied when nobody’s present through the activation of lights and other equipment at different times of the day or at random.
  • Floor heating, irrigation systems and pool plant, garage doors, ceiling and exhaust fans, heated towel rails or external louvers to be integrated together with the lighting control, so that it will automatically be turned on/off through timer control or from one lighting control panel.
  • Monitoring the home through cameras over the Internet.
  • Activation of all egress pathways when smoke sensors have been tripped in addition to initiating the PANIC alarm on the security system.
  • Allowing irrigation systems to operate only when the soil is too dry, regardless of any ongoing timer program.
  • Turning lights on when presence is detected and turning them off after a nominated time of no presence.
  • Cinema style control in the Home Theatre room when the MOVIE button is selected: sequential activation of the projector, dimming the lights over time, drawing open the drapes as the projector screen lowers into position and selecting the appropriate movie title or sound track on the DVD player. If you are getting a new house and need help decorating it then check out these home designers.




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