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“We have the knowledge to provide you with the best solution for lighting design & control applications”
  1. Architectural Lighting Design

    Through the last decades, architectural design has taken different forms. The only thing that hasn’t changed it is the medium we use to interpret it, light. It is only with the benefit of light that a space becomes accessible by the user. The symbiosis of light and its space plays an essential...
  1. Architectural Lighting Control

    One of the features of an architectural control system is the lighting control that gives you the power to transform a space to suit any mood. Almost any environment can be enhanced, from retail to hospitality, museums, homes and more.A simple lighting control system gives you the...
  1. Home & Building Automation

    There’s so much hype about ‘smart homes’ and ‘home automation’, so what exactly do these terms mean? Generally speaking, home automation refers to anything that gives you control over the various technologies found in your home. From the simple – lighting, security, heating, to...
  1. Energy Management & Saving

    Did you know that “The most energy efficient light is the light that is switched off” Well that is what John Gunton states, Managing Director of Dynalite. The philosophy of energy management is to use its intelligence, understands whether or not are needed and turn them on or off, just to save...

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