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Energy Management & Saving

Did you know that “The most energy efficient light is the light that is switched off” Well that is what John Gunton states, Managing Director of Dynalite. The philosophy of energy management is to use its intelligence, understands whether or not are needed and turn them on or off, just to save energy.

A variety of control methods present a solution to suit any setting, ensuring that energy is not consumed unnecessarily. Monitor the energy of the building through specialized software while providing the user with complete flexibility and control over their environment. Every building is rated according to its energy efficiency.

A sophisticated lighting control system can provide significant cost savings through its automation, logic and intelligence. Systems do not work by them own expect someone tell them to do it. Nevertheless the only solution to energy saving is to keep people out of this and automate everything. You can also compare gas and electric to see what saves you money.

With the combination of the above applications & by creating intelligence and logic inside the system this technology can really save you some money from the beginning of its installation to its implementation. Considering that you spend some of your budget in the build of a new project, a “Control System” will pay back to you the money that you pay to buy it.

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