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Architectural Lighting Control

One of the features of an architectural control system is the lighting control that gives you the power to transform a space to suit any mood. Almost any environment can be enhanced, from retail to hospitality, museums, homes and more.

A simple lighting control system gives you the power to completely transform your environment. Create a mood to suit any occasion, define and highlight features, show off your home in its best light or control your building all at the touch of a button. Turn of unnecessary lights & control the percentage of each light in addition to save lamp life & again, save energy.

A Control System has the ability to integrate with other 3rd party systems and that is the philosophy. Scenarios that control the blinds, the lights, heating, ventilation and air conditioning which stands for HVAC, can integrate with the system and turn them on or off according to sunrise or sunset time of the day. Even use the control panels, touch panels mobile devices or Internet to have remote access.

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Philips Dynalite DTP170 Colour Touch Screen with Stainless Steel Metal Cover

Philips Dynalite DR2PE Series Control Panel with White Engraved Buttons, White Backlight & White Glass Cover

Philips Dynalite DR2PE Series Control Panel with OLED Display

Philips Dynalite DynamicTouch Application for iPhone/iPod/iPad

“Driving the global shift towards efficient energy management and sustainable lighting control technologies”- Philips Dynalite
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